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ACM Dignified Transitional Housing, Inc is formed for the purpose of owning, operating and maintaining sober, transitional houses for individuals with like disabilities who are homeless in the five boroughs of New York City. 

To qualify for entry, there must be a need for temporary housing while on parole, or in treatment during recovery from drugs and alcohol.  This model is set up for persons who would prefer a home-style setting in which to reside rather than in a public shelter while in transition and/or recovery. 

ACM Dignified Transitional Housing, Inc. will provide clean and sober transitional houses in private 2 family homely settings for fewer than 19 individuals per house.  We will aid individuals in applying for and obtaining public assistance through Human Resources Administration (HRA) to get medicaid benefits, food stamps, cash assistance and shelter allowance for rent.

Referrals will be provided to Back to Work programs, Narcotics Anonymous (NA)/Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and organizations that provide counseling for drug rehabilitation and alcohol dependence, grief counseling, anger management and mental health counseling as needed.